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Hello, dear friend,

It’s taken me several months to begin writing this letter. I’ve wanted to share some enormous changes that have happened in my life but I waited so long that eventually things were SO drastically different that I didn’t know where to begin. Has that ever happened to you?

Instead of writing too much about it here, I made a video for you. I’d be so grateful if you take a few moments to listen to my story. And if you’d like to support me on this new path, please subscribe to my youtube channel, give a thumbs-up and leave a comment beneath the video. It will truly make a difference! My intention is to post at least one video per month, hopefully more, showing you what I’m learning and how I’m surviving in the woods of northern Michigan. Does that interest you?

As always, thanks for carving out a little space for me in your life. Your support and encouragement mean the world to me. I hope you’re safe and well and that you’re doing as best as you can in these very challenging times.

With gratitude,


(p.s. I made this video in September but internet access is pretty sparse around here so I wasn’t able to post until now!)

(p.s.s. What’s been lighting your soul on fire these past seven months? I’d love to hear about what’s new with you. Please let me know in the comments!)

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