Good news (and not-so-good news)

Hello dear friend,

I hope autumn is treating you well. I don't know about you but fall always feels like the start of the new year for me.

Plus, I've just returned from a wonderful trip to Michigan where I got to reconnect with my family so I'm feeling charged up and ready to go!!

So, first some good news: If you've been following me on this blog (or any of my social media channels), I'm sure you've seen me post excitedly about my new film #MaturingYouth and our world premiere which happens Sunday, October 21st at the Cutting Room International Short Film Festival (CRISFF).

In fact, here's a little video I made about it with R&F Entertainment:

Well, things have gotten even more exciting because we've been nominated for a total of six awards, including one for me (Best Actress)!!! We are so over the moon grateful about the recognition and this fantastic opportunity to share our work. Here's the complete list of nominations for Maturing Youth:

• BEST FILM - R&F Entertainment • BEST DIRECTOR - Divoni Simon • BEST ACTOR - Sean A Kaufman • BEST ACTRESS - Kim Paris • BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR - Terrence Keene • BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS - Darleen Rae Fontaine

Kim Paris | Nominated | Best Actress

Wow, that's a lot of love!!!

If you're on the east coast (or if you like road-trips or hopping on a plane to see awesome film ; ) I would be so happy to see you at the premiere. There's going to be a red carpet, hors d'oeuvres, drinks - and I'd love to get a photo with you!

Now the not-so-good news: we only have limited space at the theater and I've been told tickets are going fast. I don't want you to miss out!!

So if you're planning on waiting until the day of the festival to get your tickets I highly recommend NOT doing that!!! You can get your tickets in advance and secure your seats by going to and choosing Block J for Sunday, October 21st (7pm).

Of course, you can also choose an all-access festival pass if you'd prefer to see multiple blocks of films. I must admit, we're in really good company!!! Also, if you'd like to stick around for the awards gala, that would be awesome too. Please note, that's a separate ticket. You can find more info at the film's website.

As always, I wanna send YOU a big, heartfelt "thank you" for following along and supporting me on this fantastical journey. I'm having so much fun and can't wait to see what the new year will bring. See you soon!!

With love and gratitude,



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