My Week in Review (Casting Chloe Premiere, Griffith Park and more)

I try to make gratitude a regular part of my daily routine. I like taking time to count my blessings and to invite more of what I desire to enter my life. But last night while making dinner, I had a particularly profound feeling of gratitude overwhelm me. It was one of those eye-opening moments where I truly felt how far I've come and how absolutely amazing it is that I'm surrounded by people who are pursuing their dreams and who wholeheartedly support me in the pursuit of mine.

Perhaps that feeling came when it did because of the amazing week I had prior, concluding the night before with the New York City premiere of "Casting Chloe" a mockumentary by Jennifer Marie that I make a brief appearance in. The film screened at the New York Pop Up Film Festival hosted by Jennifer and Larry Rosen. It's so wonderful to see people come together and celebrate indie film. There were lots of familiar faces and I made some awesome new friends. A few highlights were witnessing Laura Dowling Shea win "Best Actress" for her film "The Spilling," and watching Tom Bragg's touching film, "Divided." Two filmmakers I hope to work with one day for sure.

Kim Paris and Tom Bragg
Kim Paris at the New York City Pop Up Festival

Over the weekend, I had a blast performing in "Griffith Park," the one-act comedy noir written and directed by John Esposito. A lot of people ask me if I can describe my dream role, and I always have a hard time with what to say. I like playing smart, interesting and unpredictable characters, but don't we all? (And as a side note, I often wonder if men get asked that question as often as women do) I don't have a character in mind, I just want her to be well-written and interesting. But with that said, I have to say that my role in "Griffith Park" has come as close to my "dream role," as possible so far.

My character's name was Linda and she was quite a personality. She was smart, determined, fiery, funny, sweet when needed and dangerous when pushed. I played her in a New York accent which was a huge feat for me because just a few weeks prior I would have said I couldn't do a New York accent. But that's how I heard her in my head, so I gave it a shot and it was so fun. It took a lot of practicing and I got used to people thinking I was crazy as I rehearsed softly to myself on the subway. I'm grateful to my director, John, for encouraging me to go with my impulse and believing that I could pull if off. I'm also grateful to John for giving me the opportunity to play such a well-written role.

My co-star was the stellar Michael Gentile. He was such a champ! A true professional who really blew me away with this his on-stage presence. You can see Michael in the feature film, The Pickings, among other notable projects. Definitely keep an eye out for him!

Kim Paris with Michael Gentile and John Esposito

Before the premiere of "Griffith Park," I kicked off the weekend with a fun commercial video shoot in Central Park for B&H Photo. I'm not sure how much I can say about it right now so I'll just say that the crew was a pleasure to work with and I'm looking forward to sharing the footage when it comes out. We had a riot!! I'll keep you posted when I can share.

Thank you for reading! Till next time. xo


(p.s. I've added some video clips to my "Reel" page, including some red carpet interviews. Head on over and take a peek!")

(p.s.s. Have you seen my IMDb page lately? I've got lots of new pics posted. Stop by and give me a thumbs up!)

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