New Film Trailer + Performance on Friday, Feb 16! (and LOTS of other news :)

With my co-star and Executive Producer, Janelle Meghan Engle

So much is happening I don't know where to begin! This past weekend I acted in the short film, "The Making of Meathook in the Mountains," a hilarious mockumentary that gives a "behind the scenes" look at the making of an indie horror film. Getting to work on this film was a magical experience because it was created, directed and produced by some people I truly admire.

To start with, the film was executive-produced by my friend, Janelle Meghan Engle, who I first met while performing in "A Sketch of New York," a live sketch comedy show at the Producer's Club in Manhattan. Janelle and I went on to appear together in the zombie apocalypse feature film, Into the Outbreak, (directed by Larry Rosen). Janelle created the concept of "The Making of Meathook in the Mountains," and also stars in it. It was awesome to work side by side with her again!

Next, the film was directed by Ryan Reid, who also directed me in the sci-fi "33 Years" and has since become a very good friend.

Janelle and Ryan met when "33 Years" was screening at the BrightGrove Screening Series in Jersey City. The two got together with the super funny actor/writer/producer, Sarah Teede, a filmmaker whose work I've been following on the festival circuit, and they created the script together. Then they cast me and the rest is history. I feel so lucky!

We had a blast filming and my fellow castmates are some of the funniest people I've ever worked with. We shot on location in the cutest cottage in Patchogue, Long Island. One of my favorite memories is when my co-star, Patrick Grizzard, made the director of photography laugh so hard during his scene that even several takes later the director had to call "cut" in the middle of a scene because the DP couldn't stop laughing. It was brilliant and one of those moments when I was reminded of just how much I love what I do.

While I was filming on Saturday, the teaser trailer for "Maturing Youth," was released. I'm super excited for this film to come out! It was produced by R&F Entertainment, a team I'm very grateful to have worked with. The release date hasn't been announced yet but in the meantime, you can enjoy a little preview here:

And here's one of the official posters!

Official Poster for Maturing Youth

Moving on to other news, this week I had a rehearsal for the staged public reading of Hello My Planet, a feature sci-fi/fantasy film by So Young Yang. I've been wanting to do another sci-fi since having so much fun with "33 Years," so I'm absolutely thrilled to be a part of it. I feel very at home in the fantasy genre and hope to do more. This performance takes place on Saturday, February 24th at 7pm at the Arthur Seelen Theater in the Drama Book Shop (250 W. 40th Street #1, New York, NY).

Rehearsal with the cast of Hello My Planet

And finally, THIS Friday, February 16th, I'm performing in the FREE staged public reading of the new short play, "A Time to Be So Small," by Jackie Forbes. The play is described as a homoerotic deconstruction of the buddy cop genre. I play an "at-the-end-of-her-wits Chief of Police," which is a super fun role. We had our first rehearsal last week and I'm in some seriously talented company. The reading takes place this Friday, February 16th in Penhouse 1 at Shetler Studios in Manhattan (244 W. 54th Street, New York, NY). I hope you can join us! Doors are at 6:30 and the performance begins at 7pm.

A Time to Be So Small

Thank you so much for reading! Now, two things: Did you get a chance to watch the trailer for #MaturingYouth? If so, I'd love to hear your thoughts! Tell me what you think in the comments below and then, if you liked it be sure to leave a thumbs up on the youtube channel, leave a comment, and share with your friends! xoxo

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