SOLD-OUT Midsummer Night's Dream Performance + The Question wins BEST SHORT SHORT + Lots of Film

Wow! My first Shakespearean production has come and gone and a what a wonderful experience it was. We played to a packed house every night and our final performance was SOLD-OUT with standing room only!!

I had a blast exploring my wicked, other-worldly side as the fairy "Moth." And I'll always remember the laughs we got backstage while listening to our fellow castmates perform.

Midsummer is one of my top favorite plays ever and being a part of it was a dream come true. While I studied Shakespeare and classical theater in college, this was my first professional experience with it. And I gotta say, I've definitely caught the Shakespeare bug. Can't wait to do more! (in fact, I've already been cast in another Shakespearean production but I can't announce details yet. Coming soon!)

In other news, today I've been notified that I have THREE films screening at the Endless Mountains Film Festival in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania!! Those films are the zombie feature, Into the Outbreak (dir. Larry Rosen) the romantic drama, The Question (dir. Larry Rosen) and the sci-fi student film 33 Years (dir. Ryan Reid). I also have several pals with films screening including The Weekend (Dennis Cahlo + Danielle Guldin + Taso Mikroulis) and more.

And finally, I have two updates about The Question: 1) We won BEST SHORT SHORT at Brightside Tavern Film Festival! I'm deeply honored for the recognition and grateful to festival directors Chris Cullen and Chris Carcpaci for giving us the opportunity to share our work. I'm also grateful to my director Larry Rosen for continually believing in me and casting me in his films, along with Bethany Nicole Taylor for being such a wonderful castmate and real-life friend.

And 2) if you missed The Question at Brightside, you'll have another chance to see it this Wednesday, August 9, 2017, at the New Jersey Pop-Up Film Festival! I'm excited to be screening alongside several filmmaker friends + the feature film, Chasing Titles featuring Brian Austin Green (Beverly Hills 90210). I'm including the entire lineup of the fest + ticket link below.

You can get tickets here:


Brightside Tavern

141 Bright St. Jersey City, NJ

AUGUST 9 6-7:30pm STRANDED After a crash landing Sector Corpsman 57-Delta finds himself stranded on an uninhabitable planet. With the help of A.Y.A., his artificial intelligence companion, his only hope of survival is to seek out a location to send a distress beacon. 22min directed by Jonathan Liguori SCORPION During a Mafioso Initiation dinner, new member Paolo tries to prove himself as a diligent worker in front of his boss, Scorpion. Unfortunately, Paolo’s enthusiastic attitude doesn’t gel well with Scorpion’s other henchmen, Lenny and Ivan, who view him as a threat to their laid back lifestyle that they must get rid of. 8min directed by Christian Hurley IN THE NAME OF COMEDY A frustrated comedian makes a viral video, but it winds up being his worst nightmare. Documentary. 19min directed by Jon Hart NO CLUE A stand-up comedian/filmmaker has trouble reading the mix signals of one of his female friends and enlists the help of his best friend. 5min directed by Larry Rosen THE 9TH ANNUAL BROOKLYN PICKLE BOWL Liz, the naive president of a Brooklyn pickling competition, aims to create a day of culinary fun for a gaggle of rowdy hipsters who, she learns, will go to great lengths to be crowned the best pickler around. 14min directed by Stuart Ruston ANOTHER GHOST STORY Some of us make plans, break plans. The others just wait. 2min directed by Ray Vagge THE MYSTERY GANG There is a ghost spooking the guests at the local amusement park. The gang is hired to solve the mystery. 10min directed by Eric J Carlson 7:30-9pm A REAL DATE Elizabeth is a recent widow who is lost in her work, running a hospital. With no time to date yet tired of attending events alone, she decides to take steps to at least have a male companion for the evening. 5min directed by Eric J Carlson THE UNDERGROUND ARTIST A look into the life of Oriel Ceballos, an artist and tutor who paints in the NYC Subway. Documentary. 4min directed by Sean Lindert THE MAN IN THE ROOM Tracy checks in on her brother-in-law suffering from dementia because she questions his care. She is shocked when she realizes Bev, his wife, is actually preparing dinner for a date with her boyfriend downstairs while her husband sits upstairs oblivious. 18min directed by Eric J Carlson THE QUESTION Sarah and Bernard have only been dating a short period of time, but are very much in love. Sarah thinks that Bernard may be planning to propose, but is uncertain what she plans to do, in this non-linear story of love and choices we make. 8min directed by Larry Rosen THE DRIVE A daughter struggles with role reversals as she drives her aging parents to their new assisted living home. 7min directed by Corinne Kassor CHASING TITLES Father, Joe can't get it together to provide for his family. Desperate for money, he runs a side hustle while working for an express mail company. 25min. directed by Ryan Egypt stars Brian Austin Green, Clifton Powell

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