Nominated "Best Actress" at Brightside Tavern Film Festival and more

Getting to create films with people I admire is a dream come true. And when those films are nominated for awards, well that's just icing on the cake! I'm so grateful to Brightside Tavern Film Festival for nominating by newest film, "The Question," (Directed by Larry Rosen) for awards in three categories. Those nominations are "Best Actress," "Best Short Short," and "Best Short New Jersey Drama."

In addition to nominations for "The Question," we've also received nominations for our sci-fi "33 Years" (Directed by Ryan Reid). Those nominations are "Best Supporting Actress" (myself) and "Best Concept." How awesome!!

The Question is a short romantic drama which stars Larry Rosen, Bethany Nicole Taylor, and myself. We made it in less than 70 hours for a filmmaking challenge hosted by SetNYC. The film premiered last month alongside other great shorts including Freedom (starring Rebecca Benzell, Johnny Wu, Victor Costa. Directed by Savion Smith & Rebecca Benzell), Ms. Kiss (Starring Ayesha Adamo, Matthew Wilson. Directed by Nick Sakai), and more.

Both "The Question" and "33 Years" will screen Sunday, July 30th at Brightside Tavern in Jersey City. Each film plays in the 1:25-3:08pm block (The Question plays downstairs, 33 Years plays upstairs).

Get your tickets here:

I'm also including the entire festival lineup below. Hope to see you there!


FRIDAY NIGHT JULY 28th 7pm starts Opening Night Party gathering with open bar and free food 8pm Short films and presentation of honorary awards James Mount will be getting our honorary acting award that night. You may of seen James in Gotham, Homeland, a bunch of short films and much more. Also we are honoring our Debbie Markowitz with the honorary filmmaker award, our first time honorary a female director. We will be screening a couple of James's short films as well as Debbie's brand new short. SATURDAY JULY 29TH International set 1-2:10pm UPSTAIRS The Tug (1:20) dir Nicholas Barker (Australia) Thanamattapoeia (13:32) dir Michael Vander Does Mind’s Eye (17:53) dir Bob Vanderbob (Belgium) Claire and Bruno: A Story of Love and Fresh Meat (23:16) dir Lionel Delebarre (France) Tuesday 10:08AM (12:45) dir Jane Tattersall and Thomas Pepper (Canada) Student Films Sets 3:00-4:30pm UPSTAIRS Mother of the Year (15:50) dir Makena Costlow Heavy Nimbostratus Clouds (12:50) dir Michael Turner Innocence (6:32) dir Nicole Collette Double Date (9:20) dir James Ehle “Forget” (7:55) dir Coby Hilelly Jack Magic (9:44) dir Sam Block A Table Discussion (29:20) dir Steve Lopez 3:15-4:25 DOWNSTAIRS Liberty State Park (1:00) dir Anthony Raisley Trip (5:00) dir Jackson Healey Relief (10:20) dir Sean Cuddihy Sonic Highways Middletown Trailer (2:04) dir Matt King, Anthony Raisley, Jackson Healey, Maria Dragone and Sage Levine Cereal (2:40) dir Emily Granito, Julia Raisley, Julia Kelly and Shane Boyle Sweet-Ish-Fish (4:04) dir Toria Pater, Courtney Voehl, Olivia Parauda, Colleen Kelly, Mitose McHugh and Keeley Giblin Prank-Trailer (2:00) dir Brian Gross, Luca Cuervo, Anthony Decunto and Scott Kirshner Technical Error (4:00) dir Kristen Merola, Lauren Dunham, Doug Walsh, Reece Golden and Nick Kowaleski Drip (3:14) dir Maria Dragone If a Tree Falls (3:45) dir Jackson Healey 2017 (11:05) dir Justin Tager The Seagull (10:00) dir Justin Lee The Post Office of Unsent Letters (10:05) dir Clio Gevirtz 4:55-6:40 DOWNSTAIRS Q (5:50) dir Hart Jacquez Before Christmas (14:57) dir He Chuyao (China) Family, Inc. (14:47) dir William Meade The Guilt List (16:53) dir Tereza Horak(Czech Republic) Inside the Woods (30:00) dir Chelsea Jacobson King Me (8:08) dir Julian Lipoff Exit Stage Left (7:35) dir Raul Andres Hernandez The Choices We Make (11:45) dir Angelo Donnelly The Cursed Road (10:00) dir CJ Cullen There is Something Out There (6:00) dir Larry Rosen RED CARPET AND STUDENT FILMS AWARD SHOW TO FOLLOW DOWNSTAIRS SUNDAY JULY 30TH Some NJ Films 11:00-12:40 UPSTAIRS Influencia (8:00) dir Gustavo Marquez Diet TaB presents American Splenda (11:22) dir Eric Hackler Swiped Right (21:20) dir Dana Marisa Schoenfeld Based on True Events (14:15) dir Humberto Guzman Talk to Me (18:57) dir Mark Stolzenberg Initus (25:01) dir Jamie Glover 1:15-3:08 UPSTAIRS You Got A Problem… (8:26) dir Charles Mandracchia A Free Man (7:38) dir Stephen Newton and Tim Altonen The Origami Gate (15:26) dir Jeffrey Kraynak 33 Years (15:22) dir Ryan Reid Pay Per View (10:55) dir James Heiner Man With the Western Hat (13:24) dir Cinder Chou Lovenapped (9:33) dir Katrina Cebreiro Ruin (15:00) dir Justin Guerrieri Legit (15:00) dir Jordan Elizabeth Gelber and Thomas Kohut 3:35-5:07 UPSTAIRS Jack and Ophelia (2:54) dir Ana Ziegler Loes The Johns Bar (17:43) dir Michael Berg Don't Think About It (12:12) dir Niv Klainer Addle Strife (9:49) dir Karl Ryan Erikson The Mystery Gang (9:46) dir Eric J Carlson Window Dressing (20:17) dir Stephen Girouard The Road to Jericho (24:31) dir Phillip G. Carroll, Jr. 11:10-12:40 DOWNSTAIRS Jenny Got Famous: Loneliest Hour (3:32) dir Karl Dixon (United Kingdom) Stowaway (5:00) dir Kenneth Anderson The Apartment (4:45) dir Daryn Davidson It’s Within (8:42) dir Manu (Canada) Uncorked Potential (26:05) dir Jack Kauffman Prep Talk (8:02) dir Michael Wagner and Susan Lehman Riding with Sunshine (10:51) dir Kristian Comer and JT Maguire Filling In (22:00) dir Bradley Hawkins Some Comedy 1:25-3:08 DOWNSTAIRS No Clue (4:24) dir Larry Rosen Deliver Us! (6:45) dir Taylor Allen and Drew Chiminec The Finger (10:08) dir Corydon Wagner Reality Disorder (31:33) dir Gerard Bianco Jr. Awkward Favors (21:00) dir Sarah Teed Poetry Stalled (10:50) dir Steven Biver Momtress (11:30) dir Jeremiah Kipp The Question (7:25) dir Larry Rosen Some Horror 3:45-5:16 DOWNSTAIRS Locked In (1:00) dir Larry Rosen The Holy Cleanse (3:00) dir Larry Rosen Keep it in the Dark (12:17) dir The Cremer Brothers (Herb & Joe) Gwendolyn (4:55) dir Larry Rosen Evil is Here (5:50) dir Jennifer Marie Anadellia (14:40) dir Brian Andrews Evil Rising (9:13) dir Savion Smith Photokill (19:21) dir Lance Reha Mr. Bones (16:00) dir Joseph Meli Last Set 5:40:7:40 DOWNSTAIRS Project Wings (2:13) dir Vinny Randazzo A Street Guided Meditation (6:00) dir Noam Oren The Vow (6:15) dir Larry Rosen Taking in Quinn (22:35) dir Daniella Turano Date & Time (15:45) dir Craig Nobbs Subway Platform Before the End of the World (10:00) dir Graham Litten The Pooka (14:30) dir Luke Boyce The Waiting Room (12:08) dir Debra Markowitz Youth (16:59) dir Brett Marty


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