10 Brilliant Things that Happened in My Acting Career Since My Last Post

I've been staying super busy these last few months, so much so that I've barely had time to post about anything that's happened. I was trying to choose which update to write about when I realized that I just need to tell you about them all, right here and now! So here are 10 brilliant things that have happened since my last blog post.

1) My first feature film, Death at a Barbecue, (directed by Larry Rosen) premiered at Bright Grove Screening Series in New Jersey. It's been almost a year since we shot this film and it was so fun to watch it for the first time and reunite with the cast.

Kim with co-stars Megan O'Donnell, Larry Rosen and Bethany Nicole Taylor at the Death at a Barbecue film premiere.

2) The dramatic short film, Last Call, which I starred in and co-produced with Larry Rosen was nominated "Best Short Short" at Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival in New Jersey.

3) Last Call won "Best Short Short" at Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival in New Jersey!

4) I was nominated for "Best Actress" by Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival for my role in Last Call.

Kim with Larry Rosen, Dennis Cahlo, Janel Tanna, Andrew Schwarz, Christian Moran and Danielle Najarian at Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival

5) Into the Outbreak, a zombie-apocalypse feature film I have a supporting role in, screened at Hoboken International Film Festival. Into the Outbreak Director, Larry Rosen, also won "Best Short Short" at the same festival for Revenge is Best Served.

A few other highlights of the festival were watching Gilbert Gottfried emcee the awards ceremony, witnessing Daniel Baldwin accept the award for "Best Supporting Actor in a Feature Film," (The Red Maple Leaf), and meeting Joyce DeWitt ("Janet" from Three's Company) who was presented the Award for Excellence in Acting.

Kim and Director Larry Rosen at Hoboken International Film Festival

6) I wrapped the short horror comedy, "Stay Indoors," with Mike Castro and Mike Lewis of Journey's End Productions. We shot this film over the course of six months and I can't wait to share it with you! It's scary + funny + there's animation!

Behind the scenes shot of Kim filming Stay Indoors.

Screengrab from Stay Indoors

7) 33 Years, the sci-fi film I starred in just over a year ago, made its film festival debut at Bright Grove Screening Series in New Jersey. Just a few weeks later, the film made it's NYC premiere at SetNYC, alongside Taking in Quinn, (Bethany Nicole Taylor) Faust (Shara Ashley Zeiger) and other great films.

Kim with Director Ryan Reid, Caryn Ann Vogel and Jeff Vasquez at Bright Grove Screening Series

8) I was cast in the staged public reading of the new play, A Time to Be So Small, by Jackie Forbes. But then the reading was canceled before our first rehearsal. Still I'm a big fan of Jackie's writing so I hope to have the chance to work with her another time.

9) If Only For a Moment, a short film I had the pleasure of working on as 2nd Unit Assistant Director, with Janel Tanna and Larry Rosen, was accepted into Cannes Film Festival (Festival de Cannes)! I had hoped to make the trip to France to watch it screen, but I had films screening here on the east coast at the same time and unfortunately a girl has to choose! But the film's star and producer (and my friend), Janel Tanna, was there to represent (and she slayyyed the red carpet, btw).

10) I met Lori-Tan Chinn, also known as "Chang" from the Netflix Original Orange is the New Black, at Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival!! And just a month earlier I met, Catherine Curtain, who plays "Wanda" on OITNB at Bright Grove Screening Series. I think it's all a sign that I'm getting close to being cast on the show! What do you think? What kind of character would I play?

And now . . . I know I promised to list 10 Brilliant Things, but if you've come this far I think you deserve a BONUS. Sooo . . . .

11) I landed my first national commercial! It's already been shot and is now in post-production. I can't announce details yet, but I will let you know as soon as it's ready to air!

That's all for now. Next weekend I'm shooting a short film for a film challenge. Details to come! xo

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