33 Years Goes to Bright Grove Screening Series

I'm thrilled to announce that "33 Years" is an official selection of Bright Grove Screening Series! If you missed the film's premiere last month at Grove Film Festival, here's your chance to see it. The film screens this Thursday, April 13, 2017, at Brightside Tavern in Jersey City. There will be an opportunity to vote for "audience choice award," so please come out and support! Tickets are only $5. Get them here: http://grovefilmfestival.com/bgtickets.html

I'm looking forward to seeing so many new films, including those by friends, such as "Gwendolyn," featuring Bethany Nicole Taylor who won "Best Actress" at Grove Film Festival last month and "Evil Is Here," directed by Jennifer Marie, who I worked with on the set of "Into the Outbreak." And of course I'm happy to be screening alongside "If Only for a Moment," which I worked on as 2nd Assistant Director!


LINEUP (not in screening order):

33 YEARS. directed by Ryan Reid. A young woman is sent back in time to take down an extra-terrestrial who will one day mutate into the world's most destructive creature. AWKWARD FAVORS. directed by Sarah Teed. A comedy in which each sketch has exactly one thing in common: a really HUGE favor. CONSENSUAL. directed by Elisa-Sofia Fioretti. College student Mateo attends a party where he unexpectedly finds himself navigating through the pressure of drugs, temptation and self-worth. DOUBLE DATE NIGHT. directed by Molly Daniels. Best friends/housemates Vic and Riley decide that every Wednesday they'll go on a double date. EVIL IS HERE. directed by Jennifer Marie. Two roommates awaken to find an intruder in their house. They must hide as he begins to stalk them down. It becomes more clear that he might be someone they know. GWENDOLYN. directed by Larry Rosen. Gwendolyn has been waiting 20 years for revenge against the man who killed her parents. Now she may finally get it. IF ONLY FOR A MOMENT. produced by Janel Tanna. Sometimes love is brief and only a moment in time but forever lasting. LEKE. directed by Nafi Ayvaci. A young woman tries to fill the void in her married life by cleaning, but her newly developed obsession leads the relationship to an even messier level. SOMETHING LIKE LOVE. directed by Larry Rosen. A couple are being interviewed about their relationship. They both claim how perfect of a fairy tale their relationship is, but they are ignoring the real underlying issues the have. THE MEDIUM TOUCH. directed by Louis Crisitello. A paranormal reality show parody, follows Ophelia (O) as she investigates a haunting that may have been conjured by a classic family recipe.


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