Last Call nominated for "Best Short" at Brightside Tavern Film Festival!

February 14, 2017


It's an awesome moment for "Last Call!" We've received our second official selection and our first nomination for "Best Short," thanks to the Brightside Tavern Film Festival.


We're honored to be included in this category alongside some amazing short films, including "The Weekend," (with Danielle Guldin and Taso Mikroulis) directed by Dennis Cahlo and "If Only for a Moment," (with Janel Tanna and Amanda Damron) directed by Larry Rosen (I was also 2nd AD on this film). 


"Last Call," was made for the 72-Hour Film Challenge hosted by the Actors Green Room. The film was shot and edited all within 72 hours. 


If you're like me then you love discovering new indie films and meeting the creative people behind them. Come out and support us on Sunday, March 5, at Brightside Tavern in Jersey City. "Last Call" screens downstairs in the 11:20am block.


The address is 141 Bright St., Jersey City, NJ 07302. The festival runs from Friday, March 3 - Sunday, March 5, 2017. I'm including the entire festival lineup below. For more info and to buy tickets visit:


p.s. there's an opening party on Friday, March 3rd with special guest Don Grimaldi from the Sopranos :)



Friday March 3rd
​Opening Night Party
7pm Start – Open Bar and Food
All tickets are $25 a head if you would like to join us
Special Guests followed by the short film
Pasqual's Magic Veal (21:29) Director D.J. Higgins
with Joseph D'Onofrio, Dan Grimaldi, Artie Pasquale, Vincent Pastore and Angie Marie Muscat

Followed by the feature film 6 Love Stories (80:00) Director Michael Dunaway
Starring Matthew Lillard, Carrie Preston, Stephen Tobolowsky, Ashley Williams, Alicia Witt

Saturday March 4th
Student Short Films Set 1 Documentaries: Upstairs 12pm-1:20pm
Nostradamus' 21st Century Vision (10:30) Director Shihyun Wang
Courage of Her Convictions (18:30) Director Gillian Ray
The World of Dennis Patton (17:29) Director S. Kramer Herzog
JFK - Mandela Effect and 7 Crazy Conspiracy Theories (12:19) Director Shihyun Wang
​Nobody Dies Here (23:21) Director Simon Panay

International Set Upstairs 1:45pm-3:23pm
Dark Town (8:00) Director K.M. Asad (England)
Wanderlust (9:37) Director Barnaby Boulton (United Kingdom)
A Shadow of Dara (14:15) Directors Ewa Habdas, Kirill Proskura (United Kingdom)
The Eve (20:24) Director Luca Machnich
Love in Motion (7:26) Director Leanne Campbell (Australia)
Arcade Girl (13:00) Director Tze Hao Wong (England)
The Path of Avarice (9:18) Director Catriona Rubenis-Stevens
Minotauress (8:10) Director Diana Galimzyanova (Finland)

Experimental Set Upstairs 3:45pm-5:05pm
Degeneration (1:19) Director Megan Zebrowski
Love and Pain (2:00) Director Larry Rosen
Patrol (2:01) Director Mathias Kluemke
Forever Alone (4:49) Director Juha Lilja
The Truth, A Short, Short Film (2:00) Director Barbara Holstein
Endless Waltz (8:00) Director Zachary Richardson
It Gets Better? (11:15) Director Stephen Riscica
Lost and Afraid (4:24) Director Larry Rosen
Shackles of Fury (12:59) Director Annie Laurie Medonis
Falling in Love, A Selfie Short (16:00) Director Barbara Holstein

Upstairs 5:40pm-7:15pm
The Art of Dreaming (41:30) Director Bob DeNatale
The Watchtower (55:54) Director Steve Silver

Student Film Section 1 Downstairs 4:00pm-5:35pm
Balloons (3:55) Director Marley Boss
Tiny (2:03) Directors Griffin Nagel, Matt King, Goodspeed Ko, Adrian Gibbons
Sock Monster (4:18) Directors Vic Pater, Courtney Voehl, Olivia Parauda
When Randy Was Here (5:27) Directors Vic Pater, Courtney Voehl, Olivia Parauda
Good Cop, Sad Cop (6:53) Director Jackson Healey
Hindsight (4:28) Director Sean Cuddihy
My Name is Grace (23:00) Director Jade Chamberlain
Church (12:51) Director Stephen Bodossian
Extra 1104 - The Story of the Rockport Train Wreck (21:05) Director John General
The Cursed Road (10:00) Director CJ Cullen

Downstairs 6pm-7:50pm
Silence (10:26) Director Matthew Trenchard
Foreign Sounds (8:34) Director Eric Shahinian
Emma Inspired (12:22) Director Nicole Machon
Hi, My Name is (11:38) Director Tiara Montgomery
Checkmate (4:02) Directors Joe Lloyd, John DeSousa
Burnt Ashes (22:31) Director Avery Cohen
Hound House (15:56) Director Samuel Vargas
Cattle Call (20:00) Director Rachel Varela
The Mourning After (9:35) Director Michelle Martinez
Until the End (6:30) Director Larry Rosen

8:15 pm Awards show student awards

Sunday March 5th
Upstairs 11:10am-1:04pm
Yes, Officer (15.28) Director Michele Farbman
Sneezy G (17:56) Director Chelsea London Lloyd
By Spoon! The Jay Meisel Story (32:18) Director Anthony Desiato
In the Name of Comedy (18:30) Director Jon Hart
East of Hollywood (28:04) Director Chris Caccioppoli
Strayed Outta Compton (12:06) Director Jim Whipple

Upstairs 2:00pm-3:51pm
Defarious (10:51) Director Chase Michael Pallante
The Cabinet in the Woods (17:30) Director Andrew Schwarz
Oh, The Effing Horror (16:50) Director Justin T. Bowler
Let's Play Dead Girl (23:29) Director Christian A. Morán
Wicked Conclusions (12:44) Director Phillip G Carroll Jr
The Backpage (29:45) Director Brandon Lescure

Upstairs 4:30pm-6:20pm
Witt and the Magical Spirits (16:19) Director Daniel Klimek
Butterfly (14:32) Director Serife Potuk
Spark (19:51) Directors Daniel Merlin Miller, Christopher Orangeo, Michelle Elise Harding
Licentious (11:08) Director Daryl Denner
The Man in the Room (17:18) Director Eric J Carlson
Disavowed (10:33) Director Kerbi Slusser
Twice Upon a Time (13:45) Director Paul Borghese

Downstairs 11:20am-12:45pm
The Broken Places (5:32) Director Andrew S. Ritchie
If Only for a Moment (19:29) Director Larry Rosen
Horseshoe Theory (12:00) Director Jonathan Daniel Brown
Last Call (8:41) Director Larry Rosen
Touching in Texas (9:37) Director Chris O’Neill
The Other Side of Love (15:55) Director Tyrell Jason
Blue Skies (8:30) Director Hamza Zaman
Now or Later (9:30) Director Mara Kassin

Downstairs 2:10pm-3:56pm
Let Me Holla at Ya (2:28) Director Kareem Kamahl Taylor
Something Like Love (4:24) Director Larry Rosen
Revenge is Best Served (10:28) Director Larry Rosen
Sticks (17:15) Director Mark J. Parker
Addicted (16:16) Director Lance Reha
Standing Eight (23:00) Director Brian Kazmarck
Veneration (30:00) Director Frank Lisi

Downstairs 4:45pm-6:24pm
Gemma (5:13) Director Cristopher Stauffer
Second Escape (7:55) Director Larry Rosen
This Modern Man is Beat (17:12) Director Alex Merkin
By Blood (14:11) Director Debra Markowitz
Frame of Reference (17:11) Director Ian J. Keeney
Great Expectations (12:23) Director Don Downie
The Weekend (20:00) Director Dennis Cahlo



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