Produced My First Short Film!

So much has been happening these past few months I can barely keep up! But one thing I'm particularly excited about is that I recently produced my first short film.

The film is titled "Last Call," and was co-produced and directed by Larry Rosen for the Actor's Green Room 72-Hour Filmmaking Challenge. Larry has directed me in two feature films since this past summer - Death at a Barbecue and Into the Outbreak, the prequel to a trilogy of zombie apocalypse features (including Surviving the Outbreak and After the Outbreak). Somehow I was lucky enough to have his help on this film.

"Last Call," is a dramatic film just under 9-minutes. It also stars Kathryn Rhoads and Kele Megotsi. It premiered in Manhattan on Thursday, October 20 with some inspiring work by other AGR filmmakers, including Dana Marisa Shoenfeld, Clyde Baldo, Caroline Duncan and Nick Job among others. It was a magical night!

The next step is to begin submitting "Last Call" to film festivals. I'll keep you posted! Till then, tell me your favorite festivals in the comments below!

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