Step 1

Choose your kit! The Home Essentials Kit comes with 10 lovely oils + a diffuser and is a popular way to start. You can see more options in the guides below. If you have any questions, please get in touch! 

US Kits

European Kits

UK Kits

Australian Kits

New Zealand Kits

Hong Kong Kits

Step 2

When you're ready follow these instructions very carefully. 

  1.  Click this link:

  2. Click "Become a Member" at the top of the page. 

  3. Choose "Wholesale Customer" (not Wellness Advocate) to get the same generous discount that I do.

  4. Choose your language & country. 

  5. Enter your personal information.
    >> At enroller ID, enter my number: 4992627 and click verify to make sure my name appears.

  6. Choose a password.

  7. Select your enrollment kit. 

  8. Enter your credit card info and process your order. 

Step 3

Start playing with your oils!! You'll receive them directly at your doorstep from doTERRA. You'll also get a warm welcome email from me with lots of extra info on how to use your oils. I'll be here to support you along your journey! Get ready!!

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