SOLD-OUT Midsummer Night's Dream Performance + The Question wins BEST SHORT SHORT + Lots of Film

Wow! My first Shakespearean production has come and gone and a what a wonderful experience it was. We played to a packed house every night and our final performance was SOLD-OUT with standing room only!! I had a blast exploring my wicked, other-worldly side as the fairy "Moth." And I'll always remember the laughs we got backstage while listening to our fellow castmates perform. Midsummer is one of my top favorite plays ever and being a part of it was a dream come true. While I studied Shakespeare and classical theater in college, this was my first professional experience with it. And I gotta say, I've definitely caught the Shakespeare bug. Can't wait to do more! (in fact, I've already been c

Performing in "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

Last night was our opening performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream for the AlphaNYC Theater Company (Off-Off Broadway). I'm having SO much fun playing an evil incarnation of the fairy "Moth" in my fourth production under the direction of Alice Camarota. The role involves a lot of movement and prancing around on stage, something I haven't done much of in the theater world till now so it's a refreshing change. I'm grateful to report that we had a packed house and a lot of laughs! There are two more chances to see this show-->Saturday, August 5 @9pm and Sunday, August 6 @6pm. Use PROMO code "2017" for discounted tickets :

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